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Speed 1...

is a full service, high performance speed center and auto body shop offering a wide variety of automotive services enhancing the performance and look of your car. From complete RX7 engine rebuilds, RX8 engine rebuilds to GM, Ford, and Chrysler engine rebuilds and also rotary engines to LS motors, from expertise to quality workmanship, our technicians are experienced with rebuilding transmissions, installing V-8 engines and race building. 

You can rely on Speed1 for body kits, auto body repair and paint, fabrication, chassis work, suspension set up, roll cages and all welding needs.

Vielside RX 3

Red Horse Fittings and Accessories 

Now Available At Speed 1!


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Auto Body Shop

Speed 1 is proud to announce our newest addition to our facility. We have now opened our Full Service Auto Body Shop. This shop will entail a variety of services including everything from dings and dents to custom work repair. Speed 1 is now the one stop shop for all custom builds and everyday maintenance.


Race Performance

As one of the region’s largest rotary engine builders, as well as GM, Ford, and Chrysler engine builders. Speed1 will maximize your engine's power with current technology upgrades. Speed1 will test and tune your car on our chassis dyno. We also have extensive experience in chassis and suspension setup and tuning to 



maximize your race performance with SCCA, NASSA or NHRA track days.


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We Now Proudly Offer Haltech Products!


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Street Performance

stang NoseAre you looking for more power on the road? We bring it!

At Speed1, our expert mechanics specialize in maximizing street performance, while increasing durability. Go faster and push harder without damaging your engine. Get more control with an upgraded suspension, set up custom gauges and electronics.



Speed1 has used parts and the inventory is constantly changing. Please contact us for your needs.



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